Violet Rosegarden

Violet Rosengarten began her artistic career as a textile artist, apprenticing with the indigenous people in Mexico and Guatemala.

Her scarves and shawls were sold at exclusive boutiques on

Madison Avenue and at the department store, Bonwit Teller

in New York. Her tapestries explored colour, texture and abstraction. Upon graduating with a BFA in 1989 from

Concordia University in Montreal, she became a painter.

Violet creates mixed media abstract paintings. She also enjoys plein air painting. She has exhibited in solo and group shows in Quebec, Ontario and now in Nova Scotia.

Ella Biltoft

I like to move around freely in different media such as sculpture, watercolour and gelli printing. I am drawn to a desire to evince the experiences - the ups and downs – of my life through a reflection of the places that I have lived and visited, their emotional effect upon me, and the permanence they have in my heart and mind.

My work has been exhibited in many places both in and outside Denmark.


Ella and I began by showing each other images of our work. We discovered that we liked and respected each other’s art. Ella works with watercolour and paints landscapes of Denmark. Her palette is subtle and muted. I do mixed media plein air paintings in Nova Scotia as well as abstract works. I prefer brilliant colours. There has been a mutual respect shown in our collaborations with each other. In my preliminary piece, I worked with acrylics and painted the salt marsh with vibrant colours, leaving half the space for Ella who very cleverly collaged some close up bright flowers, curving slightly over my side of the painting, thus creating a dramatic sense of perspective. I have painted small collages of NS islands and placed them carefully on top of her Danish landscape, picking up on the bright colours she used where water and land meet. It has been a challenging yet interesting experience and we have gotten to know each other through our art!

In working with my response picture, I have emphasized two things: nature and energy.

I have worked with VIOLET ROSENGARTEN. Violet has, in the picture she sent me for completion, based on the marsh around Nova Scotia. In my picture, which she had to complete, I have worked with port and energy.

These two things I have tried to unite in my response picture.

Coming soon

Coming soon