Susan Feindel

Nova Scotian born; Mount Allison University BFA,1966

Catalogued Exhibitions:  Intensive Care series; Figura: Susan Feindel; See Below;  Scan, Susan Feindel: SAW Gallery, Ottawa; Art Gallery of Nova Scotia; Ottawa Art Gallery; Mount St Vincent University Art Gallery, Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax.

Inspirations:  oceanography observer on three oceans;  Canadian Arctic and Norwegian residencies;  Chiapas, Mexico; Turkey; England; music; family; Port Medway, NS; multi-media, CFAT, Halifax.

Representative Galleries:  Studio 21 Halifax; Galerie StLaurentPlusHill, Ottawa; Ingrid Mueller, Fredericton.

Tina Asmussen

After working with children her entire adult-life, she now is a full-time artist.

Her creative life has always been alive, so when she seriously started working with acrylic painting in 2004, it was something she felt she had been waiting for all her life.

When painting she explores "kind of a hidden landscape".

Often with figures or things from fairytales or stories "made on the way".

Her work often shows vivid paintings with bright colors and exhibition is shown at her own Gallery and other galleries in DK.

Our exchange with Esbjerg artists introduced positive challenges.  Tina’s work, when received, appeared complete to my eye so it was a struggle to change it.  My work in Tina’s hands received full hearted treatment that brought the work to life. This form of visual sharing demands leaps of faith and breaks professional taboos. It is also fun. Thank you, Esbjerg and Dartmouth artists and cultural supporters, for generating this artful connection. 

My contact with Susan was on mail just before I received the excellent work of hers.

I was a little apprehensive. This was not the normal way for me to start a painting.

She had made a big lobster. You could only see it, if you did hold the painting towards the light. It was made of small holes in the paper. There were landscape and the name Nova Scotia.

She told me by mail about the life of the lobsters around Nova Scotia, a maritime province.

I was eager not to ruin her lobster and the landscape and along the way my fantasy gave me lots of "Stories " for the painting to be mine. I thought of sailboats, fishing boat, tipping around in the water. I "saw" fish and I thought of our two countries. Denmark/Canada, showing by the letters. Our national bird. The mute-swan Trees. And the big green "Nature of Canada"

Coming soon

In my response work made alone by me, I was inspired by the shape of the painting Susan started.

In my work I often think "in the top you have the sky, the land, maybe water in the middle, and then you have the ground at the bottom.

It was nice not to think like that. It was like my first paintings, where I never thought like that. I was driven by a curiosity where the brush seeks its own way, and not thinking much about, what is up and what is down