Rosemary Young

Rosemary Clarke Young studied art in Montreal and later at University in Illinois and Arizona.  For the past 16 years, she has exhibited regularly in galleries and shows both locally and in New Brunswick, Montreal and Ottawa.  Since 2008, she has taught children’s art classes, both privately and in local schools.  Her practice focuses on simple views of everyday scenes, mostly interiors, usually done in a watercolour wax resist method on rice paper, though sometimes in oil on canvas.

Alf Pedersen

Art is fun, when you get it right the first time. But the satisfaction is even greater when, after struggling with the picture, you realize you are looking at a great artwork and you overcame yourself.

I really enjoyed adding to Alf’s painting and had fun playing with shapes and colours I don’t normally use in my own work.  Doing my response piece was more challenging though, as our styles and mediums are so different.  I looked at our two collaboration pieces and also Alf’s response piece and felt inspired to use the same colours, much brighter than those I usually work with, and also some of the shapes I saw in the paintings.  I also wanted my response piece to be in the medium I primarily use - watercolour wax resist.

Throughout the process Rosemary and I have been e-mailing  each other about the prices we have send at received. When I first got the pice from Rosemary I found myself in trouble because I had some difficulties about witch way I wanted to go whit the work Rosemary send me. Every time I was in my studio I was looking at the work trying to find my way. That turn out to be some nights we were dancing without getting anywhere.

One late night I went a bit crazy whit out thinking that much about what I was doing for the first hour. After that it got clearer for me which way the collaboration art work was heading.  And the rest is history.

Coming soon

Coming soon