Rose Adams

Natural history, flowers, birds, wonders of memory and science co-exist in Rose’s celebratory paintings and drawings.  Collaged papers, glazes of colour and thick grids of paint surround fine drawn lines and painted vignettes.  Her twenty-five year retrospective, “Birds, Bones and Brains”, was held at Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery in 2014.  She has an extensive exhibition record, has work in various institutional and private collections and teaches in the Foundation Department of NSCAD University.

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Lars Henning Andersen

I had my breakthrough as an artist in the early 90s, and have since had many exhibitions around northern Europe. I paint my colourful works in my studios in Esbjerg and on the Island of Fuur.

I paint simply because it is interesting. There is always something that is not contemplated in advance. With painting as with everyday life - situations may arise by themselves. Sometimes mistakes are made, and that is okay, for otherwise there is nothing new. 


Entering the Garden of Delights

For my initial piece, I worked with familiar motifs: collaged papers, calla lilies, hyacinths and tulips. My problem-solver psyche couldn’t stop at half a piece. I told Lars he could paint over the whole thing.  When I received his work, I realized that I had to change his background and add the colours that he had in his three figures below to integrate the figure/ground. We seemed to each come half way in our approach to the other’s works.  He added figures to my work inspired by the Guatemalan Mayan city of Tikal and I invited his characters into a world of plants, animals, insects and fish.

Hurrah for the Growing Feeling

What is Rose trying to tell me with her piece? With the news headline “Hurrah for the Growing Feeling”, I think she gives me a metaphor for the beautiful collage that is covered with life-giving flowers and accompanied by music.

Well, never mind, it is I who must make the piece complete and in my mind it is clear, that it is a jungle around Tikal – the overgrown old Mayan ruined city in Guatemala.

Glimpses of religious symbols, elusive animals and creatures. Mask-clad gods like Hun-Chowen, the Mayan god and patron of sculptors and painters, are definitely a part of my finishing painting.

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Neither fish nor fowl.....