Ron Kuwahara

I preceded my artistic vocation with a rewarding career as a physicist. My artistic compulsion to draw and paint, led me to study at NSCAD University. I completed a BFA with a major in painting in 2011.  My scientific background complements my artistic aspirations by looking for underlying structures and patterns in the natural world, the urban setting and the human form.

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Susan Reeves

Sue Reeves is a figurative artist. Sue begins with a story. She builds a narrative by layering the figures against several ground layers using combinations of acrylic, digital printing and digital projection on canvas. The story is then yours.  
In addition to “The Rørpost International Art Collaboration” Sue has participated in and facilitated other collaborative projects. She is currently one of core artists for “Transitions; A Found Object Collaboration Project” Copenhagen, Denmark. You can view her website by visiting,


I immediately felt a sense of respect for Sue Reeves’ preliminary painting which seemed highly relevant to the world situation. I wanted to honour both political and personal responses to the outreaching hand. Do we respond with hope and love or by fear or denial? How easily it could be anyone of us as a victim of aggression in world politics. It is so easy to let fear stop us from our humanitarian nature.

“The Neutral Zone”, my response piece, is a combination of the strong horizon, the dilemma facing women today and the polarity of opposing views. All of these concepts were questioned during my inspirational paper collaboration with Ron. “The Neutral Zone” is a metaphor that guides the composition of this piece. The wall between the canvases represents the blue line. The white stripe separates view points. It is the red line. Under the ice, under the water, under the horizon a female figure watches her back. Once she had a clear view to the horizon, now she is not so sure.

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The Neutral Zone