Rae Smith

I am a pastel artist working mainly on sanded paper. My photographs of my marine travels, near and far, provide the source for my imagery as well  regular plein air painting  in a variety of  locations . In addition to teaching (most recently at the Chester Art Centre), I have exhibited my work at numerous local galleries.  I am a signature member of the Pastel Society of Canada and Visual Arts Nova Scotia (VANS).



Marianne Skjølstrup

The techniques of etching, I got interested in, when I took my education of 4 years at the art school -Kunsthåndværkerskolen, DK.  I like the craftmanship and tools  needed for making prints. The way I draw, I can put into my grafic work. I enjoy drawing with  pencils and prefer wax pastels when I use colors.                                                      

In my daily life, I´m teaching art-techniques and -history at the School of Art -Arcus, for adults with mental handicaps. This job inspires me a lot.

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On Rae Smith`s website I saw that we both have interrest in water, boats and using pastels. I also realised that we expressing art, is obviously different from each other. Rae Schmith use very strong beautiful colours and I´m almost black and white as an artist.

Even if it has been difficult, I like the challenge in this kind of collaboration though.

In my own work I made me inspired from Rae Smith to combine my prints with more colours than I usely do.


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Coming soon