Philippa Borgal

I started painting on retirement to Nova Scotia a decade ago.  In addition to painting in watercolour and acrylics, I enjoy exploring other art forms including sculpture and print making.

I am a member of Aspotogan Arts & Crafts, a vibrant group of artists and artisans living on St Margaret’s Bay. 

Examples of my work can be seen on its website:

Lotte Lambæk

Lotte Lambæk is a colorful artist who loves to tell a story. She is imaginative and highly detailed. The driving force is often indignation or a particular preoccupation of an issue. Aesthetics and beauty are weighted very high. Lotte's works are often characterized by that one can explore them and find new conscious details again and again. Lotte is a trained graphic artist and has worked all his life with art, illustration and graphics.

The Rørpost collaboration was a very exciting and challenging experience!  My Danish counterpart, Lotte, has a much freer style than I do and uses colour wonderfully, so it was interesting to work with her.  In my response piece, I have attempted to bring motifs from each of our collaborative pieces: the overall theme of the ocean, the boat (now sunk to the bottom of the sea), and a variety of sea creatures.  

The dialogue between us was easy and effortless. We were fast tracked into the other's vision. Sometimes we talked too - the US presidential election. which had just ended. A certain global awareness to track at both of us. None of us thought only locally. We were both concerned with the big issues in the world around us.

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Coming soon