Monika Wright

Canadian artist Monika Wright has enthusiastically put ‘miles on the brush’ in her studio and in workshops with talented artists from around the world.

Her distinctive style is exhibited and included in collections locally and internationally, including Canada, the USA, Australia, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and Germany. Her work is part of the permanent collection of the Nova Scotia Art Bank and was included in the CBC Sharing the View Calendar. She is represented by galleries in Nova Scotia, Ontario and New Brunswick.

Per Lenholdt

Based on a surreal world - with a touch of graphic tools - my image universe is born. Often the journey from idea to finished product is mostly planned - but luckily the elements of the image sometimes lead me through other channels, and that creates a better result.

The sources of inspiration are diverse - from traveling impressions to subtle astonishments of man's way of acting, or lack thereof.

Being both an avid traveller and artist, this project immediately appealed to me. Sharing points of view, experiences and connections with a diversity of cultures and seeing people as individuals within the larger sphere of our world has always informed my artwork, giving it an organic, universal flow. Connecting and sharing the process with Per is part of the excitement that fuels my creative process. I’m delighted to be part of Rørpost.

When opposite styles meet, something marvellous can occur. I really think this is the case in my collaboration with Monika Wright.

The chosen starting point should be inspired by the picture we received - allow the strictly geometric to play up against the lively organic, in mutual respect. An artistic jam session in an image form.

The result: Magic in the studio

Coming soon

Coming soon