Maritza Miari

Maritza Miari is an artist and senior designer with over 20 years of experience, graduated of Bachelor in Sculpture and Drawing and Informational Design, awarded with “Best illustrations for children books”(Havana 2007).

Once settled in Nova Scotia in 2010, Maritza started blending her Cuban background, Italian heritage and Nova Scotia’s unique atmosphere. She recreates social humor and mystical creatures, with a figurative and realistic style. She is a member of Visual Art and Writers NS and Art Focus.

René Iversen

I am a 42-year-old Esbjerg-boy who always has been happy when drawing.

The last 10 years I have painted.

I paint mostly on wood and canvases, but also everything else that catches my eye.

I use the things I stumble over - both new and old.

The works of art have a sense of humour, but there are also serious thoughts behind them.

This art experience has been a wonderful way to interact with creatives with a different environment, culture and perspective. My match has an open minded point of view. He appreciates the human body. I enjoyed playing with the concepts of human nature, interests and desires.
Pandora is a symbol of darkness, but an idea that people can definitely grasp.
This Rørpost project has been an exciting interactive creative experience with magnificent results. Imagination is in charge and the sky is the limit!

It has been an exciting and challenging task to complete another artist's work. To preserve their marks, but at the same time put one's own stamp on it without destroying anything. It was a funny coincidence that we both painted women, it made it a little easier.

When I saw the picture of the woman on the flying suitcase, I thought immediately of the girl with the hopeless dreams.

All in all, a very rewarding process.

Coming soon

Coming soon