Lynn Rotin

Art has been a constant: photography, film-making, graphic design, drawing and painting, have each taken a turn as outlets for expression throughout my life. But it was when I started pushing oil paint around in art school that I found my medium. I thought I was going to be a sculptor! Loose, expressionistic representational work gave way over time to pure abstraction. And encaustic and mixed media joined oil paint as favoured materials. Weekly figure drawing sessions, where I focus on an expressive and loose gestural line, hone my skills and remain fundamental to my practice.

Lene Hassig Vilslev

My art is focused on paintings, drawings, photos and set directing. I have had several exhibitions at galleries and museums in Denmark and abroad.

Art review: Kirsten-Marie Hedeland writes about my art: The paintings are sizzling and bouncing with energy and movements, as if they are showing us the beginning of life and nature’s power. 

Published: “10 Egyptian Myths” animation and story telling, Gyldendal
“International Contemporary artist Vol X”, ICA Publishing 2015. 
“101 kunstnere 2016”                                           

Initially, the possibilities seemed so open-ended. But  then the reality of collaborating with someone from another country, who I didn't know, and whose work I was only familiar with from a website, struck home. What a challenge! Best not to overthink, I decided, and leave the piece done to my satisfaction but with room enough for Lene to put her stamp on it.

Now, it seems overthinking or thinking just a little bit - not my usual process - might have been a good idea! This was a great exercise. I now have a better idea of how to approach collaboration.

My counterpart from Halifax is Lynn Rotin. She has a very interesting spontaneous stile. I decided to use a more structured approach, then I usually have in my art.  I have added 2 ships and some more blue to Lynn’s painting. I’m very fond of blue. The ships are from a poster I made for a musical concerning journeys of exploration from year 1600- 1700. Our art collaboration is too an exploration, where we get inspired of a different way of making art, and we are shipping the art pieces between us. It is a lovely sort of communication.

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