Lee Crips

Lee Cripps is a professional artist and arts administrator living and working in Dartmouth, NS. After a decade long career in television Lee made a conscious return to her Visual Arts roots upon the birth of her daughter in 2007. Becoming a mother solidified for her the importance of living life with intention and truth. She currently continues to use her art practice as an ongoing investigation of spirituality, sexuality, feminism and feminine power, heavily driven by emotion and theosophy.

Iben Holm Kongsbak

I´m always carrying a camera on me. I have photographed since my early youth. The images arise in the present inspired by the sky and the sea; the light; the oblique angels, the portraits; the urban life; surroundings.........all sources of inspiration where I find the poetry and history. I show the pictures as I see, interpretate and see it. Has exhibited at several galleries in Denmark.

When creating my paper piece to be sent to Iben Holm Kongsbak in Esbjerg to finish, I considered not only spirituality, but also concepts of connection, nationality and culture. I focused on the cultural divide that continues to cast a shadow on our Nation's identity.

The piece I received from Iben  resembles a path I walk most days. A  photograph of train tracks where the horizon is nonexistant. I filled the sky with a swirling mass of feathers, representing a meditation into the spiritual of which  Iben speaks in her statement.

Both inspired by environment and spirituality, a great experience!

Lee Cripps send me a beautiful picture with a delicate feather a horizon inspired by one of my pictures and our home cities, and some symbols of diversity, spirituality, forgiveness , division , family, .....
My working on her piece I call Moving towards new horizons.......peace , redemption, unity.

Coming soon

Coming soon