Kitt Clarke

Kit Clarke grew up in Montréal, Québec, and has lived in many locations, finally settling in Nova Scotia to complete her degree at NSCAD University where she now works as a librarian. Her art practice focuses primarily on painting and encompasses a variety of subjects rendered by mixed media/collage techniques. Kit’s recent artwork explores imagery of daily life in a bygone era through drawing, painting and photography. Her work has been exhibited in Canadian cities, and the USA.

Jette Dümke

I’ve been a landscape painter for over 30 years and a teacher at an art school for students with mental  disabilities.

I have lived all my life next to the North Sea and find my inspiration in the landscapes along the coast. The ocean has always been a great fascination to me. One moment gentle and mild and a moment later wild and violent.
To feel the soul and see how the light and colours are constantly changing has given me many great moments.
I have exhibited in galleries, museums and in juried exhibitions in Denmark and abroad.

I was both excited and intimidated by the experience of a collaborating with another artist. My husband’s father came from Esbjerg so I was looking forward to working with a Danish artist. I was somewhat intimidated because Jette, my collaborator in this project, has many years of experience with exhibiting her work. After corresponding with her several times it was evident-what a kind and creative person she is.

It was exciting to see how our two very distinctive styles would mesh to produce such a  unique piece- so very different from anything I would  have done on my own.

It was a special process for me to work on Kit’s painting.
She had painted a beautiful landscape with mountains and hills and I had to paint on it!
Every day I walk along the beach and absorb the blue colour. I’m not trained to paint mountains and found it difficult to continue in the same style in the colours brown, green and pink.
I was also afraid to destroy Kit’s expression, but had to get the flat landscape loaded into the mountains.

Coming soon

My collaborative painting was inspired by our new sculpture of “The Fisherman from Hjerting”. 
My grandparents were all raised in Hjerting and made their  living by fishing in the bay where I still live. They had a hard life, and every day was a fight with the sea  - for survival.

I think it has been a challenge, but also a good experience and I’ve got a new friend in Canada.