Jacqueline Steudler

Jacqueline Steudler’s love for bold colour combinations is reflected in her contemporary paintings and collages. As a visual artist and art therapist she likes to share her passion for art with people of all ages. Her works are collected both privately and publicly in Europe and North America including the Nova Scotia Art Bank Collection. 

website: JacquelineSteudler.com

Niels Kongsbak

Niels Kongsbak has been a professional artist since 1995. He works and live in Esbjerg.

He has a Gallery in Esbjerg and also one in Copenhagen. Niels Kongsbak has done a lot of artwork for many companies and has had many exhibitions in several countries.

He believes it is okay to spread happiness. Using many different materials, he is on the track of the "joie de vivre" – fairly classic expressions in acrylics on canvas and paper.

Jacqueline Steudler about the collaboration with Niels Kongsbak: 

My excitement of an art exchange and collaboration is to resist the creative urge to take the piece over and change it in a way where the other creative language will get lost. 

I see it as a challenge of keeping both creative languages intact.

His starting point inspired me to add a painted collage piece that might suggest both of our closeness to the ocean. I added then a very fine layer of sun shapes speaking softly to his colours. 

I have been working together with Jacqueline Steudler. I received a work from her that was of a neutral landscape. We had a short talk about the project but we didn´t have a specific plan about the collaboration. So it was exciting to receive her work. The neutral landscape was laying on my desk for some days before I decided just to change it into a landscape of black lines using pen and ink. Somehow it ended up in a world of oil drilling – the title could be "Mysterious ways".

Coming soon

Coming soon