Faith Wiley

Faith Wiley is an artist currently living in Halifax. She works mainly in painting and drawing media, embroidery and comics.

Erling Lyngholm Jakobsen

Erling has many years experience as a visual artist.
He mainly works with acrylic paint, by and large replacing the brush with a palette knife. Peculiar figures appear in a universe of vivid and bright colours, and the end result shows the many layers that the painting consists of. The play of light and depth is characteristic of Erling's paintings.

The process of the collaboration has been very interesting. I was surprised at how difficult I found it to try to predict what would mesh well with my collaborator’s style, and I was frequently paralyzed by indecision during this project. I feel like it was a very good exercise for my creative practice, forcing me to stretch my mind in ways I didn’t expect. I am grateful to my collaboration partner Erling Lyngholm Jakobsen. Because of our different styles, my eyes were opened to new possibilities for the direction of my work in the future.

My inspiration stems from all sorts of impressions and observations when I travel, meet people, see movements, light, and colour. Furthermore, artworks by famous artists give me the inspiration to work and play with my own paintings in new ways. But at the end of the process of creation, a new painting is brought to life in its own right.

It is a great challenge to work on painting that another person is to finish - but the challenge is even greater when it comes to completing another artist's work of art. During the process both Faith and I have been travelling and thus our communication has been limited; nonetheless we have had a good dialogue and it has been a positive experience.

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