Carol Smeraldo

Carol Smeraldo attended Rhode Island School Of Design, Massachusetts College of Art and NSCAD Univ. She received the first NS Cultural Life Award and the Progress Club of Canada’s Women of Excellence Award in Arts and Culture. She founded 2 pottery schools and her studio-One Off Studio. Smeraldo has been a fulltime professional clay artist, sculptor and potter since 1971.

She has always loved and depended on painting and drawing. She attends figure drawing sessions every week for over 10 years where she discovered her love of pastel painting. She paints whenever traveling and at home in her woodland, lakeside studio.

Ulla Holt Poulsen

Born 1954 in Esbjerg, Denmark
Graduated from Aarhus Art Academy 2010
Works with oil, tempera and mixed media on canvas and paper
Recorded by Neo-Impressionism color formation and often uses geometric shapes
Have gallery and workshop in Nørregade 81, DK 6700 Esbjerg with the artists Lotte Lambæk and Birgit Juhl
Have  participated in several censored exhibitions.

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This collaboration was a welcome challenge and a stretch.  Although I have drawn and painted since childhood, attended art schools, including Rhode Island School of Design, and lots of painting workshops, I have been a full time professional clay artist for 44 years.  How to approach finishing someone else’s painting?  What a unique opportunity.  The results of the collaboration were both unexpected and exciting.  What Ulla Holt Poulsen did was absolutely wonderful.  I’m thrilled with the results.

My partner is artist Carol Smeraldo, who sent me a landscape picture painted with pastel colours - an almost finished picture.  I chose the keep the colours and the organic forms, but paint the surroundings in a pointilistic style, i.e. dots placed close together. It gives the picture a vivid and vibrant expression.

My challenge to Carol was a work in a light grey colour with four triangles of different heights, which overlap at about a third of the paper. Carol chose to integrate it into a landscape picture so that both the organic and the geometric are given space.

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