Becky Thompson

Becky Thompson has been an Art educator for twenty years and is now focussing on creating her own work. Thompson creates soulful portraits and also enjoys experimenting with wild colour and loose brushwork.


Birgit Juhl

I work as a psychotherapist, teacher and supervisor. I have been painting for more than 25 years, and I have a studio and gallery with two other artists. I like to make very big pictures and I use oil and palette knife. I never know what's going to happen and where I will end up with a picture.

Following a brief correspondence, Birgut Juhl and I worked independently . The intention of my preliminary piece was to send her something of my own character:  I used bright colour and positive shapes. The piece she sent me was so very different to my own and I understood how she had used a natural palette to express the elements of Nature. 

I have a deep appreciation and enthusiasm for architecture and created a loose painting of an old house. Treasured Danish and Canadian stamps from an old family collection create solidity, leaving my collaborator’s wild brushstrokes visible.  

What a difficult process for me. When I got Becky's light and simple contribution, I almost got scared and was afraid to deface it. But that was exactly what I did. I covered the paper with too much paint and too many strong colours. And I was not able to make a “u-turn”. I am used to painting on canvas with a pallette knife and using many layers. So I'm sorry Becky, that I wasn't able to take enough care of your picture. Only the circles are left.

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Coming soon