Barbara Schmeisser

My mid-life art practice began after art school at NSCAD in Halifax, Nova Scotia (BFA´05), where my varied 'art' interests melded into sculpture, fabricated from steel.
I work in a representative style creating familiar obejcts which often serve as visual metaphors. Inspiration is ubiquitous, waiting to be refined into an object of memory or commemoration, a cautionary tale, or a documentation of life's passages.

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Liv Ejdesgaard

I was born and raised in the Faroe Islands and moved to Denmark in 1987.

I started painting when I came to Denmark and always used my Faroese background, the nature, lights and colours from my hometown as my main inspiration.

Over the years, I have exhibited my work of mostly abstract paintings in Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Italy.


Roerpost exceeded my expectations. When I stepped outside my comfort zone as a sculptor in order to

work in two dimensions and collaborate with a Danish artist, I embarked on a challenging and rewarding personal journey. In addition, the experience reinforced for me the axiom that visual art is a powerful universal language.

It was important for me to enter the collaboration with an open mind. It’s an exciting challenge to make my abstract paintings work with Barbara’s figurative approach.

I’m really excited to see the results and to see how we will be able to bridge the cultures and different approaches to art.

When I got the half of the painting with the strong Canadian symbol I tried to combine it with equally typical Faroese symbols; a small village, dried fish and a map of the islands as a way for the painting to symbolize the community between our countries.

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Coming soon