Anne Lancelott

The world is my canvas, the camera is my brush.

Anne lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and is a self-taught photographer.

She is captivated by the diversity of cultures and is inspired by people and the themes of everyday life. She is attracted to colour, texture and light and these elements provide a rich backdrop for her subjects.  A photograph has the ability to capture emotion in a fraction of a second and Anne wants to draw the viewer in and evoke in them an emotion by telling a story about life and the human condition through her photographic imagery.


Instagram:  stally49

Twitter:       Anne Launcelott @stally49


Søren Morns

I was trained as an architect at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen and the AAA in Aarhus.

Alongside my architectural practice,  I have for many years worked with drawings, graphics and collages as artistic expressions, with many exhibitions in museums and galleries.

My motifs are characterized by architectural diversity which has always been my artistic approach.

This collaboration was a pleasure and a challenge taking me out of my comfort zone. The drawing of a church in Søren’s work led me to choose a photograph of an Ethiopian man holding a Coptic cross, a symbol of his faith, taken in Addis Ababa. Portraits of members of the Kara Tribe, some taken in an abandoned missionary church, symbolize unrealized desires to convert.

My response piece was inspired by Soren’s B&W drawings and the fact that all my photos were pieces of a whole. All images are of the Kara Tribe taken in Duss Village, Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

Canada was a new acquaintance, yet nearly a close family member through one of my biggest heroes, fantastic and mythological Canadian Neil Young - my musical hero ever since the '60s.

He almost paints pictures with his guitar and enchanting compositions. In a way, he is living in many of my pictures with his strong immortal songs:

Heart of Gold - The Loner - After the Gold Rush - Hey Hey, My My - Comes a Time

Four Strong Winds – Pocahontas - Tonight`s The Night – Peace of Mind - Going Back

So – this is a new journey into the unknown partnership in Canada

Inspired by wonderful photos from my partner in Halifax

Aurora borealis
The icy sky at night
Paddles cut the water
In a long and hurried flight
From the white man to the fields of green
And the homeland we've never seen.     (Neil Young)

Coming soon

Coming soon