Andrea Pottyondy

Art is everywhere in Andrea’s life. She is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists and active in her art community. Andrea is influenced by her environment, travel, a compelling story or a line of poetry. Her objective is to convey the human condition in all its beauty and imperfection, elevating the ordinary into something notable that engages the viewer. Art is Beauty, Art is a Healer, Art makes us Human

twitter: BlackDog@artarage


Astrid Hygom

Astrid Hygom’s art is focused on painting. Along with paintings, Astrid  worked professionally in urban planning until 2011. Many of her artworks describe the interaction between development and nature, mostly from an esthetic viewpoint, sometimes with a political angle too.

During the summer she runs and lives at the Gallery Skippergaarden, an old farmhouse situated at Bjerregaard between Ringkoebing Fjord and the ocean.

Since 1987, her paintings have been exhibited in museums, galleries and art societies.


Humankind has been controlling and altering the environment for millennia. There are alternative cleaner solutions to harness energy and protect our water, sky and land. We should allow nature to guide us in this development, and at the same time protect it, so that all living things can benefit from a healthy environment.

In my response piece, my art making process creates a contemplative place where I am as much part of the artwork as the viewer of it.

We agreed on the theme: interaction between the force of nature and climate change.

Global warming makes it crucial to find new solutions. My first image poses the question, which way to go?

Andrea suggests in her image the rising of sea level. Referring to this, I placed a person sitting on a surfboard, thinking.      

The development of wind energy has been going on for many years and the port of Esbjerg has been transformed from handling export into an important harbour with offshore wind power development.

In my response work I have tried to energize the image and the changing view of the harbour.

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